Marineterrein Amsterdam

01 Sep 2017

Amsterdam has a half hidden, half open navy shipyard right in the center of the city that is slowly, after 400 years, opening up to other people. This month a magazine will be published, developed by Studio KNOL, for which me and photographer Lonneke van der Palen had four interviews with the new and intriguing dwellers of the area. The magazine will distributed during the open days and can be found online.

Dries Verhoeven

01 Jun 2016

The essay Sharing the Pain of Avatars was used as hand-out during the performances of Guilty Landscapes by Dutch artist Dries Verhoeven. Read it here.

One Euro Products

15 Jan 2014

One Euro Products, article,

Augmented Reality: A Story

01 Nov 2012

Story in AR[t] magazine.